I first walked into a studio as a freshman at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, tired and hoping to get in a good work out. Little did I really know what I would learn from my first teacher, Bonnie Phillips, whose enthusiasm and playfulness kept me interested, but ultimately introduced me to the deeper connections a person can make through consistent practice.

The way I left the room feeling on that first day was so much more powerful than I could have anticipated, and since then my yoga practice has become a process for refining a tool box that I can call on daily. These tools help me manage my stress, energy and ultimately allow me to connect with myself.

I believe that this is what lies at the heart of any practice, the sweetness of truly getting to know oneself.

In February 2015, I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training through the Yoga Garden in San Francisco.

Since then, I have continued to explore how yoga can be hugely beneficial to people with different needs. In April 2015 I was certified to teach yoga to teenagers through Yoga for Teens and the Yoga at School Program of San Francisco, and in October 2015 I studied with Cora Wen to become a Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher. In April 2017 I completed my 500-hour yoga teacher training certification at the Yoga Garden in San Francisco.

After nearly a decade of practice, I continue to experience the transformative power of yoga, which to me is at times inconcieveable. The deeper and deeper I go, the more I realize I do not know. And so we continue to show up for ourselves - when we are thriving at our best, and when we are numb and at our worst - to align our bodies and therefore align our lives. This study is endless, let's journey together.